Mystery #1

The Case of the Missing X-Mas List
"I'm Sorry Sir, There's No Listing For That"

The Story

(Date: 1 Week before X-Mas Eve Time: 2:00PM)

  "It's Gone!!!!" Santa cried stumbling into the workshop. Then he collapsed into a HUGE red and white pile. Screams could be heard from Pole to Pole. "What are we to do?" cried elves and reindeer alike. Santa in the infirmary with a concussion and minor bruises from being hit on the head and falling into a pile of Barbie Dream Homes. And the legendary "Naughty and Nice List" Gone!!!!!

  As the Elves, Reindeer and Workshop Department Heads are meeting to discuss this most dire of calamities; a call goes out to the "Now nearly famous as Hermy the Elf dentist from that Rudolph show" Detective Luke N. Foreaclue.

  Let's join in on that meeting ..... Cast

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