Mystery #1

The Case of the Missing X-Mas List
"I'm Sorry Sir, There's No Listing For That"

Cast of Suspects

Dasher - Strong And Dominant Leader of Reindeer - Put off by Rudolph
Dancer - Flighty - Huh?
Prancer - Prima Donna and Fussy - Easily offended
Vixen - Vampiest Reindeer of them all - Doesn't care whose stall it is
Comet - Non-stop AA personality
Cupid - Dreamer - "Can't we all just get along?"
Donner - Stalwart Loyal - But to Whom?
Blitzen - Last and Least "Hey Watch That!!! I've got to step there next!!!"
Rudolph - Upstart, New kid on the flock!!
Olive - The Forgotten Reindeer - Would do anything to be on the next run
Raggedy Ann - (Girl toys department head) "Power Rangers who?"
Raggedy Andy - (Boy toys department head) "Barbie who?"
Missile Toad - (War games department head) "Toys is Hell"
Jingles - (Elf department head) "Elves Rule!"
Homer - (Packaging department head) "You want it shipped when??!!!"
X-Mas Kiss - (Candy department head) "Like some candy, little boy!!"
Frosty - (Snowflake department head) slick salesman and amway distributor
Elfis - (Holiday decor department head) "Thank ya, Thank ya very much"
Mrs. Clause - "The poor dear or deer as the case may be"
Scrooge - (Morale director) "Slackers, they're all a bunch of slackers"
Sugar Plum Fairy - In charge of festive foods (biggest taste tester)

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