Mystery #3

"Party 'Til You Drop!!!"
"Don't let the Mardi Gras Grow Under Your Corpse"

Cast and Cast of Suspects

  "You are invited to the Etouffe Family Mardi Gras Gala and Crawfish Boil" What cooking? Upon arrival we find that the only ones invited had business dealing with Earl "The Shrimp" Etouffe.

  Earl announces "My friends eat, drink an' have yawl selves a fine ol' time for tonight one of you will be arrested and charged with theft. The doors to the mansion have been locked an' in a matter of hours the police will be here. Hey, they're coming from Houston, what can I say? Now if you will excuse me I have to meet with someone and then check the dinner. Come on yawl, it's a party!!"

  He disappears as guest scurry off to find a way out of the mansion. Upon complete examination of the mansion it is determined that there really was no way out. Worse yet, there is a murderer in your midst. Earl was found inverted waist deep in a vat of Jambalaya. Now things are really starting to get heated!!

  You can help solve the murder with the help of detective Luke N. Foreaclue and the mansion staff ..... Cast

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