Mystery #2

"Bang Bang in the Big Top!!!"

The Story

  Algernon Meany, a small man working in a small circus operation was hated by many and loved by none. In fact, Algernon was billed as the "World's Smallest Man." He had recently won the circus in a dishonest craps game and immediately fired half the troupe and cut everyone's salary by 61 percent.

  Wanting to improve his image with the public, he invited several orphans from a local orphanage to a circus party to be held at a local community center. The orphans were placed in a special section up front.

  As the event was about to end, Algernon stepped forward, produced a gun, pointed it into the air stating that the "Circus King will end the show with a Big Bang." The gun signaled a spectacular burst of firecrackers and a blinding blaze of light. He was shot in the middle of the Finale and fell with an unearthly screech that scared the kids into a panic and sent them running in every direction.

  You can help solve the murder with the help of Detective Luke N. Foreaclue and his clown assistants ..... Cast

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